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Stay Tuned!

I’m in a slow-moving turkey coma today.  My regularly scheduled “Friday Pillow Talk” installment is only half-written and I’m late for the office.  Let’s meet here at some point this weekend and I’ll tell you how winter storm Cato brought … Continue reading

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La Neige

Je ne suis pas bloqué par la neige. That’s French for “I’m not snowed in.” No time to look up “the turkey’s in the oven.” Happy Thanksgiving!

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Don’t Blame Crosby

Last weekend, the “b Plus,” section of the Lewiston Sun Journal did a feature spread on “Hipsters.”  According to writer Max Mogensen, “hipsterism” is now on the wane, but lives on in Maine because we’re at the tail end of … Continue reading

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The quest to speak French is on! I’m at “level 5” in my Duolingo lessons, translating fascinating sentences like “The boy is rich,” and “He has a small shark.”  Benny Lewis, young polyglot extraordinaire I mentioned on Monday’s blog post, … Continue reading

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Finds at the Fair!

It’s too early for Christmas ornaments here at the house, but I wanted to share these fine vintage ornaments purchased at the Lisbon United Methodist Church Christmas fair last weekend. One dollar and fiddee cents.  That’s what I call a … Continue reading

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Il Fait Froid

Sometimes I include French words and expressions in my blog writing.  For the past few months, I’ve made a commitment, albeit feeble, to “improve my French.”  My method:  sing in a French choir.  I can read the French words and … Continue reading

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Trouble at Circle Time

After spending a long election day in the former Marion T. Morse (MTM) elementary school gymnasium, I started thinking about kindergarten.  The year I started, 1969, the last wave of the Baby Boom was busting out the seams of every … Continue reading

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Code Word: La Lampe de Table

Sometimes, when the cares of the day and my first world problems overwhelm me, I think about table lamps and lighting fixtures.  “La lampe de table” is my own personal code word for “the world is too much with me, … Continue reading

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Oh! My Aching Back!

  Just kidding.  I did have fun raking yesterday, but maybe I overdid it a little bit.  This elaborate raking scheme started out as a somewhat childish surprise for a friend and it’s left me …speechless.  Enjoy a big old … Continue reading

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A Jeremiad for the Leaving

Today’s post started out like this: Wednesday morning after Tuesday’s elections, there was a lot of rhetoric on En Pee Are. Let me share one comment with you: “It’s time to turn this country around” said Mitch McConnell. Greater and … Continue reading

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