Finds at the Fair!

It’s too early for Christmas ornaments here at the house, but I wanted to share these fine vintage ornaments purchased at the Lisbon United Methodist Church Christmas fair last weekend.

EarlyOne dollar and fiddee cents.  That’s what I call a fair value.

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2 Responses to Finds at the Fair!

  1. Jim says:

    As you know, Miss Mary is a fan of the “fair circuit.” Me, I have much less experience. However, my little visit to the Noel Gala at Holy Family last Saturday was worthwhile. Maybe I need to start working that circuit in order to pad my book sales?

    • It was fun to see you at the “Noel Gala” last Saturday! Holy Trinity Church, in Lisbon Falls, is having their fair tomorrow (November 22, 2014). But aren’t you on some books and beer circuit tonight?

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