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Deconstructing Ugly

I was very busy last week.  I spent my free time in an old building, dusting and decluttering a collection of archival artifacts.  I went to a “farm to table” dinner and talked to more than a few foodies.  I … Continue reading

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Echoes of Maine

In February of 2016, I took a trip to Aroostook County.  It was a whirlwind tour and I absorbed as much of the County as I could in the 48 hours I spent in that remote part of Maine.  In … Continue reading

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When Jell-O Stalked the Earth

The regular suspects made their annual pillage of the ancient rhubarb a few weeks ago, leaving a few stalks for the family.  The thieves are two of Uncle Bob’s “acquaintances” who visit his garden every spring and help themselves to … Continue reading

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Quick Like a Jet

I’ve just spent twenty minutes rummaging around in my “book nest.”  It’s a library in my mind, but the room’s remote location behind closed doors keeps it ever disordered and not worthy of a more dignified reference.  I was searching … Continue reading

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