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The End of the Jeep Era

While running errands the other day, I noticed my Jeep’s heater wasn’t working very well.  From the parking lot of Bisson’s Meat Market, I texted Handy and he met me at the house a few hours later.  He put some … Continue reading

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My Favorite Tea Towel

Ayuh, it’s my favorite.  It would make a nice gift, too. Just perfect for Lady Alone Traveler.

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I’ve never been, but the tea towel is lovely. Lady Alone Traveler stays closer to home in 2014.

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The Bleak Hours

I swapped a few e-mails with Jaxon yesterday; he’s in jam where he lives.  He was the recipient of an outrageous “condominium assessment.”  Having lived in a condominium for almost fifteen years, I could understand his frustration.  My condominium owner’s … Continue reading

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Hot, Dry, and Not Kansas

When I was getting ready to take my “Maiden Voyage,” I spent some time researching hotels, motels, and inns.  There are many former Gilded Age estates in the Berkshires, retrofitted as luxury accommodations for Lady Alone Travelers.  I could have … Continue reading

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Springing Forward

As we approach New Year’s, there are three predictions I can make with absolute certainty. First, the internet will be filled with “year in review” articles. Lots of bloggers will write “year in review” posts and some will coordinate these … Continue reading

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