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I’m Not a Halloween Person

This is the best I could come up with today. I’m more of an “All Saints Day” kind of person.

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The Coming Darkness

My alarm went off at the usual time this morning.  I hit “snooze” over and over.  It wasn’t that it was cold outside my warm covers or that I dreaded the day.   It was because I had been tossing and … Continue reading

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Pas de Quoi (It was Nothing)

A few months ago, I got a letter in the mail reminding me that I had won a raffle prize at the fancy dress ball I attended in February. The envelope contained a photocopied picture of a restaurant we’ll call … Continue reading

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Counting My Nightmares

I don’t sleep well.  I close my eyes and I fall asleep, but I don’t wake up refreshed.  I wake up worried and I wake up tired. Sometimes, I have nightmares and bad dreams. Last night I had my first … Continue reading

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A Little Gas Left in the Tank

There are certain topics I have written about over and over again on this blog.  Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) would be one.  Moxie would be another.  There are other topics on which I have only skimmed the surface, mostly divisive … Continue reading

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How the Wind Blows

Click on the picture to see which way the wind blows. It blows an ill wind and few words are needed.

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The Garlic Repeater

In the early days of telecommunications, a “repeater” was part of telegraph communications; the device was used to regenerate signals for transmission. It’s Wednesday, “Tiny Steps Gardening Day.”  It’s time to plant garlic and as I look over my writing … Continue reading

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The Arabica Incident

When I went to Florida to visit Reggie Black, he showed me how to make delicious coffee in a stovetop espresso maker, or a macchinetta. Reggie, an excellent instructor, carefully explained how much water to put in the bottom chamber, … Continue reading

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Hunting for Wild Apples

“Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees… …please.”

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A Woman’s Career

This has been an interesting week, my first week of telecommuting.  Here in the post-modern world, many people telecommute and now I’ve joined the legions of slipper-clad workers, pounding away at a computer from a spare bedroom or their mother’s … Continue reading

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