The Garlic Repeater

In the early days of telecommunications, a “repeater” was part of telegraph communications; the device was used to regenerate signals for transmission.

It’s Wednesday, “Tiny Steps Gardening Day.”  It’s time to plant garlic and as I look over my writing history, I know I’ve written about this topic before.  Is there really anything new under the garlic sun?

This year, I’m going to plant my own garlic, meaning I’m going to take the largest bulbs that I grew, break them into individual cloves, and plant these cloves.  Knowing the provenance of my garlic, I’m comfortable planting my own.  Maybe I’m slightly nervous, but if I’m able to regenerate a crop of beautiful garlic, then I’ll be a “Garlic Repeater” and that will be a good thing.

Rather than try to say something new and creative about garlic, I’ll leave my blog readers with a few classics from past:

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How’s your garlic repeating?

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