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My mother is practically perfect.  If I read this blog post to her, she’ll laugh and then she’ll say “don’t write that.  People in town will think it’s true.”  It is true; she’s almost perfect.  I’m convinced that the key … Continue reading

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Such Sweet Sorrow

Let’s see. A long post about the accumulation of stuff or a farewell to a favorite summer place? Today is the last day of The Dairy Maid for the season. Sweetness and sorrow.

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Taken in by Sham

It’s the final push of moving here at the condominium.  My good friend Jaxon will come tonight to help me move ten big pieces into a U-Haul.  I’ll strip the sheets and blankets off my bed this morning and fold … Continue reading

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Sometimes, even plastic hamburgers look good. Half a burger is better than none, as long as it’s grass-fed.

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Not Quite Manderley

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly again…Scattered here and again amidst this jungle growth I would recognize shrubs that had been land-marks in our time, things of culture and of grace, hydrangeas whose blue heads had been famous.  … Continue reading

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The Team of Troublemakers

Herman the German (my father) and Uncle Bob (his brother) have an interesting relationship.  My father is four years older; Uncle Bob is “the baby.”  My grandparents kept a cow until “the baby” went to high school and I can … Continue reading

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Not a Honey Boo Boo

I didn’t have very good luck growing melons this year, but this one was delicious. Honeydew do grow in Maine. Ayuh.

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The Cake Topper

I’ve been sorting through some old papers and albums for a few weeks.  On Labor Day, I sifted through two boxes of photographs and ephemera.  Back in “those days” cameras and photography were different; the likelihood of a poor picture … Continue reading

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Tiny Kale

I was experimenting with kale seeds and some potting soil one day in early August. It worked. Send in the Mums.

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Vines Around My Heart

Here in New England, everything green and growing is now ripe and rotting. While Wednesday has always been “Tiny Steps Gardening Day” there hasn’t been much to report. The garlic has been pulled, sunflowers are toppling over, and lone green … Continue reading

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