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Shop and Drop

The local “shop ’til you drop” is different in my corner of Maine. I shopped, the seller dropped…the compost bin at my house, that is.

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When the Big Puppet Head Shows Up

I think I’ll change my “Lady Alone Traveler” posts to “Driving Lady Alone Traveler” because Handy kindly chauffeured me around all weekend.  It started on Friday with a trip to an art walk a few miles south of here.  We … Continue reading

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Step into My Office

I got a text from my friend Andrea last Saturday: “Good morning, I’m in my office this morning, putting the postcards together.  If you would like to help, I’ll be here.” Andrea and I have known each other since 6th … Continue reading

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Staring at the Ceiling

I was in a meeting the other day, staring at the ceiling. Ain’t plastic great?

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Myths About Goats

On one of my Lady Alone Traveler trips, I went to Head Tide to see the birth place of Edwin Arlington Robinson.  It was a trip along roads less traveled and it only seemed like I couldn’t get there from … Continue reading

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Not in Our Lifetimes

I’ve been studying the movement of the sun shadows here at the house, making notes as the season changes.  The afternoon sun hits my bed pillow at approximately six these days; on Sunday afternoon, I retreated to this spot with … Continue reading

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A Change in the Landscape

I think the last frozen flake of snow is gone. Finally.

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Now There’s a Story

Whoosh…and the weekend is gone.  A bunch of stories accumulated over the last 48 hours but I’m running late this morning. Please accept my apologies.  I’ll post the story of the stories later today or tomorrow or Friday.

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Cake Break

We’ve had fun making cakes here on the blog these last few months.  There was a maple cake, a lemon cake, a banana cake, and a spice cake.  Last week’s cake was a tribute to new blogger and twitterati, Benjamin … Continue reading

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The Ice is Out

Ice floes on the Androscoggin River, Easter Sunday 2015. Spring’s slow arrival.

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