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Old Faithful

The crocuses at Motel Four survived the weather. I knew they would. They’re old but faithful and it’s warm against the foundation of The Motel.

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Driving home from work today, I noticed several signs posted at different intersections for a “Helicopter Egg Drop.”  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen these signs in the past few years.  Helicopters are noisy and interesting; they make me … Continue reading

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Among my Souvenirs

I have small collections of old things. I wonder when these “mouvenirs” will start getting old?  Or should I say “older.”

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The Yo-Yo of Hubbard Hall

If I had a Tee Vee, I would know there were at least two programs about people who can’t throw things out.  I’ve overheard my coworkers in the lunchroom talking about these shows as they wait for their Pepperidge Farm … Continue reading

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The Show Must Go On

What is it about Sunday afternoons?  Is it the dreaded glance at a pile of untouched papers on the table corner that provokes anxiety?  Or is it the realization that in less than twelve hours, it will be Monday morning … Continue reading

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We’re Not Planting Peas Today

I wonder where I got the notion that people planted peas on Palm Sunday?  Carlin peas are eaten on the Sunday prior to Palm Sunday in parts of Northern England, but I can find no reference to planting peas at … Continue reading

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The other day I got an e-mail from a gastronomic scholar, requesting information about the Moxie Recipe Contest.  Who knew a person could get a Master’s degree in gastronomy from a program co-founded by Jacques Pepin and Julia Child?  Maybe … Continue reading

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Frosty’s Donut Barn

I’m sad when a barn isn’t a barn anymore. The loss is tolerable if they’re selling local donuts.

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Tweet This

What is Twitter? The noun and verb forms of the word “twitter” sit in my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary between the words “twitch” and “twixt.” I like the noun form best: A trembling agitation: quiver, A small tremulous intermittent sound … Continue reading

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The New England Snow Coma

I woke up this morning to a bit of the white stuff on The Jeep.  It’s on the roads, too.  A late winter storm it is and I’m not going to make too much out of it.  I’m going to … Continue reading

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