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Still Aunt Tomato

Busy summer, but… I’m still Aunt Tomato.

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Reggie Black Blogs!

Aunt Tomato asked me to write this. She finds it all quite droll and amusing. She thought I should start with À la recherche du temps perdu about Italian tomatoes grown in Campania, in the rich volcanic soil in the … Continue reading

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Message of Peppers

A week ago, I planted 13 of my tomato plants.  This weekend, I finished planting my remaining ten plants.  It was cold, wet, and rainy in the garden; it was quiet around town, too.  I guess everyone was inside watching … Continue reading

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Aunt Tomato’s Tomato Update

I woke up to a shower of Doomer e-mails this morning, before I’d even had a chance to drink my coffee and pretend I’d slept.  As I sorted through my grisly e-mails, “MUST WATCH” video clips, and depressing links, I … Continue reading

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Tweet This

What is Twitter? The noun and verb forms of the word “twitter” sit in my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary between the words “twitch” and “twixt.” I like the noun form best: A trembling agitation: quiver, A small tremulous intermittent sound … Continue reading

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I’m Not Irish

As some of my readers may know, I’m not Irish. In a tip of the flat cap to the Irish, I picked up a “shake” at a giant hamburger chain; sadly, the minty beverage has been bastardized into a sorry … Continue reading

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Labor Day Watermelons

Although I have belonged to many clubs and organizations, I have never belonged to a labor union.  Being an “employee at will” versus being represented by “collective bargaining” has probably defined my thoughts about work.  My father belonged to the … Continue reading

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The Aunt Tomato Discourse

This week, I’ve been busy lamenting the end of summer: “…the crickets…” “…the Dark Days of August…” “…no waves…” I even tagged my Hydrangea post with the words “eternal rest.” Sadly, nothing says the end of summer like tomato plants.  … Continue reading

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Dear Aunt Tomato – I’m Askeered!

The information I provide to you is editorial and helpful in nature and cannot be construed as perfect truth.  Some of the information I am providing is based on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.  The benefit claimed has not been … Continue reading

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Urban Tomatoes

On May 31, 2012, I got an e-mail from my nephew, Mark.  He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.  It’s urban.  His note follows: Dear Aunt Tomato, I adopted a shriveled tomato plant today. Someone at work was giving away a … Continue reading

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