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The Limestone Borg

A few weeks ago, I researched granite.  Did you know the Pine Tree State may very well have more of it than the Granite State of New Hampshire.  According to Steve Haynes, founder and director of the Maine Granite Industry … Continue reading

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The Uncertain Hours of April

Jeff C. delivers the paper each day at around 3:00 a.m.  He’s dependable and not afraid to trudge through the snow.  The prior carrier threw the paper at the house each day, sometimes missing.  Jeff C. puts the paper in … Continue reading

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The Scrapbook

I last blogged about Eloise Jordan in “Just Maine Folks.”  Research on granite quarries, civil defense, and fallout shelters interrupted my progress, but as I’ve paged through digitally scanned decades of Lewiston newspapers, I’ve kept my eyes open for traces … Continue reading

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Living in These Days

In January, I began writing a series of articles about the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Lewiston.  It’s a year-long project which will end in October.  It’s interesting and if I did not already have a full-time job, … Continue reading

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The Lunkheads

Back when I used to post links to my blog posts on Facebook, I would sometimes get three or four “likes” within 30 seconds of posting the link on social media .  This puzzled me because my blog posts run … Continue reading

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The Chimes of Time

The John Marshall and Alida Carroll Brown Research Library, tucked away behind Portland’s Longfellow House, is a treasury of books, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera. Many of the library’s visitors come to do genealogical research.  A video posted on the library’s … Continue reading

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On Granite

When I’m working on a freelance story, my office looks like a disaster area.  There are two computers running and one of them will have ten or twelve browsers open.  Books are all over the floor with handwritten notes stuck … Continue reading

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