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The Gift of Moxie

Yesterday on Facebook, I suggested that Monday, June 30, 2014, was “Moxification Monday.” Here’s what I posted: Time to get those home Moxie fires burning! Moxie up, friends, tomorrow is Moxification Monday.  I love my hometown! According to my brother, … Continue reading

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The Moxie Full Nutty

Friday, and it’s not just a beautiful day in Maine.  It’s an incredibly beautiful day in Maine, the kind of day when a man or woman might call in sick to their job.  I’m not that kind of woman, but … Continue reading

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Local Investing

One of these days, I’m going to write a long blog post about buying a house.  It was a gut-wrenching decision and I had doubts and fears.  I still do.  But my brother said something to me in one of … Continue reading

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Cooks and Books

It’s funny how our brains work and how we humans sometimes have the tendency to develop tunnel vision about the things we’re doing.  I buy a Jeep and I start to think the whole world cares about me and my … Continue reading

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In the Toilet

I sat down with my “netbook” last night and zipped around the ‘netz to see what I had missed this weekend.  It wasn’t as if I tried to stay away from social media, texting, and portable e-mails.  I had a … Continue reading

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Dancing Clowns and Moxie Coffee

My mother invited me over for dinner last night.  It was a beautiful day in Maine; no humidity and an invigorating breeze blowing through the sheer curtains.  We were enjoying our salads when, out of the corner of my eye, … Continue reading

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Signs of the Season

If your garlic looks like this: It’s a sign.  Don’t forget to cut (and use) your garlic scapes!

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The Monuments

My paternal grandparents have been dead for a long time. They’re buried in a little cemetery in my hometown and Uncle Bob places two cement urns with geraniums next to their headstone on Memorial Day every year. In a sunny … Continue reading

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A Few Sharp Words

On Friday, I alluded to a two-day “missionary trip” I was taking to promote the Moxie Recipe Contest. I have returned from the Scarborough kitchen tour and I have a few sharp words for everyone who came to my granite-countered … Continue reading

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Shaking the Moxie Maker

Some blog readers might recall that I live on a family compound.  It’s not my family compound, not technically.  But by virtue of growing up in this small town and six degrees of AYUH, I feel like I’m part of … Continue reading

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