The Moxie Full Nutty

Friday, and it’s not just a beautiful day in Maine.  It’s an incredibly beautiful day in Maine, the kind of day when a man or woman might call in sick to their job.  I’m not that kind of woman, but it’s bright, clear, and lovely and I can’t judge others who might say “screw it” and go to Reid State Park or Popham Beach after making a quick, cough-filled phone call.

Here in Moxie Town, things have hit the “full nutty” phase of preparations for the Moxie Festival.

I can’t quite explain it; it’s something in the air.  I can just feel it.  From across the pond, at Moxie Festival Parade central, I get sporadic texts messages from Gina.  “Marching band headcount finalized” and “Kora clown car confirmed.”

The phone rings.

It’s a photographer from a local paper, she wants to take a picture of me “cooking with Moxie.”  Says she’ll even come to my house, to make things easier.  This necessitates a night of kitchen cleaning.  I’m part French Canadian, remember?  Spic and Span runs through my blood.

While shining things up, I make a Moxie Chocolate Cake, another batch of Leanne’s ice cream topping, and experiment with some Moxie-macerated strawberries.  Maybe I’ll serve it all in with some Moxie-infused Cool Whip with a pretzel on top.

Ironing…that’s this morning.  I might need to iron that blue check tablecloth I washed last night.  It looks good against my orange circle skirt.  Yes, I finally broke down and had my own Moxie costume made.  I’ve got the beads, too.

The photographer asked “Do you need me to pick up any Moxie?”


Moxie Full NuttyI wish I could sink my toes into some beach sand, but I’ve got work to do, taking care of the Moxie business.  We are going full nutty.

Klown Kar Konfirmed, with a pretzel on top.

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