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Mixed Emotions (or Sometimes Facebook Zucks)

On April 22, 2012, I joined Facebook.  I know, I was a laggard and I’ve blogged as much on several occasions.  I don’t have a Tee Vee, either, so go ahead and judge me for that, too.  Readers might also … Continue reading

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For Spacious Skies

I was in and out of the clouds on Petrograd Street yesterday. I jiggled the handle, but the door was locked.

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The Big Hairy Eyebrow

After the aborted mission to The Bratty Bride, Little Miss Ruffles expressed an interest in becoming an aesthetician.  She was at that tender age when all things seemed possible and Bay outlined an apprentice program that consisted of such odd … Continue reading

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A Slip of a Gift

I was in the Biddeford-Saco area last Saturday and although I took some sad and ugly snaps with my camera, a big window-full geranium made me smile. The owner offered me the gift of a slip the next time I … Continue reading

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Thanks, But No Thanks

Today was supposed to be the second part in a three-part Reggie Black “Born to Run” chronicle, but poor old Reggie was busy propping up a rickety rosewood dining room table somewhere in the vast Tampa exurbs last night.  No … Continue reading

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Just Stop It!

Last Sunday night, I was counting the hours until my death. I know what readers are thinking.  Who wants to think such morbid thoughts?  As it turned out, my fear of dying was premature and greatly exaggerated, much like my … Continue reading

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No Quiet Repose

With the Jeep fully restored to clickety-clack-less locomotion, Lady Alone Traveler is moving about Maine again, investigating unlikely places. She remembers to LOOK UP and if she sees tall spires, she walks towards them. She jiggles the handles on church … Continue reading

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Bridal Investigations

Things waxed and waned at The White Sarcophagus that spring.  Little Miss Ruffles, all of nineteen year’s old, brought youthful energy to the salon most days and hung out in the back room moping on rare days when teen angst … Continue reading

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Sunshine Par Avion

Last night, I heard a tapping noise.  Maybe it was the baseboard?  No, it was ice at the window.  The ice turned to snow overnight and the first day of spring here in Maine is wet and wintery white. I … Continue reading

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Reggie Walks in the Woods

Reggie Black told me a funny story the other day; something from long ago.  I said “Reggie!  Why were you always walking alone in the woods?”  He said “why were you always alone in your room?”  Well, that settled that … Continue reading

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