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Blue Christmas

When I woke this morning and shuffled through the house to get the paper, my curtain-clouded view through the living room sheers tricked me into thinking it had snowed last night.  The notion of snow warmed my heart for a … Continue reading

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Let All Cupcakes Keep Silence

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent a few winter hours considering things like “focus” and “distraction.”  This has been a wonderful winter for pondering anything deeper than “liking” a post on Facebook.  In fact, a Facebook post about shoveling … Continue reading

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Mixed Emotions (or Sometimes Facebook Zucks)

On April 22, 2012, I joined Facebook.  I know, I was a laggard and I’ve blogged as much on several occasions.  I don’t have a Tee Vee, either, so go ahead and judge me for that, too.  Readers might also … Continue reading

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Dear Facebook

I read an article about Facebook’s “like” button in The Wall Street Journal.  The article claims researchers can create a profile of a Facebook user based on what they “like.” For Harley-Davidson bikers and “likers,” the study’s profile wasn’t very … Continue reading

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