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Friday Pillow Talk – Class Reunion Dirt Dreams

I stayed up too late last night, working on an Excel spreadsheet of high school classmate data.  Next week, the invitations for my 30th high school reunion will go out; the event is scheduled for October 27, 2012. I’m not … Continue reading

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Giving Up The Ghost

These patio flowers are in the final stages of their lives; they’ve given everything this summer. I’m going to miss them. On to the chrysanthemums!

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The Aunt Tomato Discourse

This week, I’ve been busy lamenting the end of summer: “…the crickets…” “…the Dark Days of August…” “…no waves…” I even tagged my Hydrangea post with the words “eternal rest.” Sadly, nothing says the end of summer like tomato plants.  … Continue reading

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Cowabunga, Dude!

I’m out of coffee. This might be a serious problem if I didn’t live near KB’s, a place I affectionately call “the surfer dude coffee shop.”  I’ve been an irregular customer since I moved here in 1999; back then it … Continue reading

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The Dark Days of August

One of my friends refers to this time of year as “The Dark Days of August.”  She coined the phrase when her two sons were still in elementary school.  I suppose when you have two young boys running around your … Continue reading

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The Redemption Garden

I started work on a new “secret garden” yesterday. I’m going to give up my other secret garden.  I haven’t written about this “other” secret garden as I promised I would; I will.  When I pick the last Riesentraube tomato, … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – The Clarity Quest Dreams

In 2001, before September 11, someone at the old big corporation a few miles north of the current Big Corporation suggested a book called “Clarity Quest” by Pamela Ammondson.  The subtitle of the book was “How to Take a Sabbatical … Continue reading

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Stepping Out

It’s hard living without ice cream in the summer.  I’m devoted to Webber’s, but it’s a long distance relationship.  I decided to try another local ice cream stand here on the Seacoast. I won’t give you any names. Let’s just … Continue reading

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Your Daily Kale

Although I don’t have a Tee Vee, I do know that kale has “arrived.”  I am reminded of kale’s super food status by an automobile commercial during Red Sox games which says “kale is the new Brussels sprout.”  Just plug … Continue reading

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A Visit from Big Boy

Back in March, I got my big blogging “break” by interviewing Serena Thompson, one of the two original “Farm Chicks.”  Remember? I still visit Serena’s blog almost every day because it’s a good place to rest and recharge my battery.  … Continue reading

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