A Visit from Big Boy

Back in March, I got my big blogging “break” by interviewing Serena Thompson, one of the two original “Farm Chicks.”  Remember?

I still visit Serena’s blog almost every day because it’s a good place to rest and recharge my battery.  I get good ideas when I stop by her blog.  Just this week, she posted two pieces on recycling vintage textiles and a little piece that just made me cry.

Yesterday, she posted a “challenge” of sorts.  You can read about it here.

I threw my hat in the ring and offered to host Big Boy for a tour of Maine and New Hampshire.  Then, I started thinking about how small New England really is and so I offered to host Big Boy for a tour of all New England.

As you can see from the post, I will be hosting Big Boy for a tour of New England!

I have a lot to do here at The Coop to get ready for Big Boy’s visit.  I don’t really know when he’s going to arrive; when I study the list of places he’s scheduled to visit, I wonder if he’ll really be able to make it to all those places before he gets to New England.

Stay tuned for updates on Big Boy’s travel schedule.

Where in New England would you like to see Big Boy visit?  Let me know!

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