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I Told a Whopper

A few weeks ago, I got a letter from a friend.  Not an e-mail; a letter delivered to my post office box. My friend has been looking for a job.  She is not looking for anything fancy, just a part-time … Continue reading

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We Can Still Live Well

A few weeks ago, I shared a news report that the General Henry Knox Museum (also known as “Montpelier”) in Thomaston faced a financial crisis and possible closure.  A blog reader sent me an update on that story and you … Continue reading

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Literally Cavemen

Last year, I spent time with a bored acquaintance.  We’d have breakfast occasionally, swap text messages, and we even had lunch once or twice.  This acquaintance often lamented about mind-numbing boredom; I will not share the circumstances of her life … Continue reading

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Ignore the Noise

Author and sports writer Mike Shalin wrote an interesting article about the New England Patriots recently.  The Lewiston Sun Journal carried it in the sports section today with the screaming headline “PATS IGNORING NOISE.” Once again, at this late date … Continue reading

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Trends for 2018

Late December and early January are boring times in media outlets.  Newspapers (both print and digital) catalog the “best” stories of the previous year and list them by dominance, popularity, and virtue signaling “oomph.”  After draining this well of material, … Continue reading

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