I Told a Whopper

A few weeks ago, I got a letter from a friend.  Not an e-mail; a letter delivered to my post office box.

My friend has been looking for a job.  She is not looking for anything fancy, just a part-time situation to supplement her family’s coffers.  She writes:

“Yesterday, my job search brought me to tears.  Honestly, it takes so much effort to find a job.  I don’t ever want to be in this situation again.  The barriers to getting a job in a job market with massive job availability are astounding.  It is as though the anarchy of this electronic world is creating a state of paralysis for everyone.  We are going back in time.  No wonder they have no workers for these jobs.”

I’m pleased to inform my readers that my friend did, indeed, find a part-time job that will meet her financial requirements.  After much electronic anarchy, she found a convenient situation close to home.

Her words are wise and true.  The electronic world, that world of binary digits, has made us anxious and fidgety.  I see it in my own personal and professional life.  Indeed, we are going back in time.

This regular Luddite lament gets me in trouble.  I’ve been scolded for not appreciating the progress of penicillin and shamed for not buying my groceries online.  Are my jitters and anxiety in the daily anarchy just a matter of coffee?  Or is it something more insidious?

Unfortunately, the bell has rung and it begins again.  We’ll not solve the problem today, short of an EMP blast.

Resume your digital posts.

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