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Return to Arundel

On Saturday, November, 26, 2016, I finished reading Anthony Doerr’s 2004 novel About Grace.  This novel was the 24th book I’d read in 2016.  The author won a Pulitzer prize for his 2014 novel, All the Light We Cannot See, … Continue reading

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Something’s Not Right

Sometimes I type fast.  Most of the time, actually.  But my netbook is old and slow and I’ve not successfully replaced it with something better. It acts up, it slows down.  I keep typing fast.  Sometimes, the great eyes of … Continue reading

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Counting Candles

Handy’s father, Marcel, turns 98 today.  We celebrated his birthday yesterday; five of Handy’s six siblings were there.  (His youngest brother lives in California and couldn’t make it.) Marcel was born just after the first world war ended, he joined … Continue reading

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Red Leaf Lettuce

The other day, I got an e-mail from my friend Shelley.  She asked if I’d ever blogged about The Christmas Tree Shops and the mother lode of junk they sell.  I scratched my head.  I knew I’d blogged about it … Continue reading

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Broken Celery Stalks

Last Monday, I broke my vintage celery stalk spoon rest.  I’d had it for a long, long time; from at least the early 90’s when you could find mid-century domestic pottery at church bazaars and holiday craft fairs. I was … Continue reading

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Vintage Voters

I worked my first presidential election on Tuesday.  It was a long day; my fellow poll workers and I arrived at 6:15 a.m. and stayed until the town clerk transmitted the final vote counts to state election officials at 11:45 … Continue reading

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Be Gone!

There is a story in Greek mythology of a king.  King Augeas was famous for his stables full of cattle.  You might say he was the “cattle baron” of his mythological time. Oddly enough, for a king with a wealth … Continue reading

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The X of Time

In January of this year, one of my “resolutions” was to read twice as much as I read in 2015.  It wouldn’t be hard, really, since I only read 12 books in 2015.  But reading requires time; there is an … Continue reading

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