Broken Celery Stalks

Last Monday, I broke my vintage celery stalk spoon rest.  I’d had it for a long, long time; from at least the early 90’s when you could find mid-century domestic pottery at church bazaars and holiday craft fairs.

I was devastated.

I put the four pieces of pottery in a bag and stuck it in my desk until I could think clearly about the next steps.  I had to write my bagel article, work at the polls, and then do five days of work in three.

On Saturday, I snuck over to the Cabot Mill Antique Mall and the adjacent flea market.

“Do you have a celery stalk spoon rest in your collection,” I sheepishly asked booth proprietors.

“Did you break one?” they’d ask.



Finally, on Saturday night I broke down and asked Handy to glue it back together.  Back in business again and I’m sure I’ll find one in my travels.  Then I’ll have two, but you know what they say.  Two is one and one is none.

I’ll leave you with a wonderful song about celery stalks, written by trombonist Will Bradley and first recorded in 1940.  The original version is very good, but I liked this Lawrence Welk version with Mr. Wunnerful cutting up the rug.

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Celeriac. My CSA sells celeriac, the root of celery, which is the way the Europeans use the plant.

    Makes an ugly spoon rest, though.

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