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The Red…

There’s a red flowering shrub in my backyard, between two blueberry bushes.  I’ve contemplated moving it, but I waited too long this year.  I’m not absolutely sure why it doesn’t flower all over, but I think it has something to … Continue reading

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Handy’s Home Economics

A few weeks ago, I asked my friend if she took “Home Economics” when we were in high school.  She said she did and I asked her if she had learned how to make a weekly menu.  After spending a … Continue reading

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We Don’t Always Go to Market Basket

For kicks, we sometimes go to Whole Foods.  Each time we’ve gone, I’ve looked fondly at the $8.99 per pound “hot bar.”  I’d never given in to it until recently.   “I didn’t think tofu could be that tough,” said … Continue reading

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Date Night at Market Basket

When did it happen?  When did I become too old to spend Saturday night in a bar or nightclub?  I think it was last summer; Handy and I went to The Old Goat in Richmond to listen to live music.  … Continue reading

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Who Told You…

The weather here in Maine this week was glorious.  Green growing grass, budding trees, and blossoms have all been swaying in a gentle warming breeze.  I mowed the lawn for the first time over the weekend and it was surprisingly … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Everyday

This spring I’ve been overwhelmed by the magnificently beautiful things around me, more lovely than last year. Creation everywhere.

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Kung Pao Monday

I hate it when Monday morning rolls around and my old computer won’t cooperate with me.  I know, I know…I have the equivalent of the NASA Apollo program in the palm of my hand, but I’m still writing blog posts … Continue reading

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The Season of Hammer and Tongs

Last spring, I got an e-mail from a friend requesting I plant a flower clock.  You can read about it here.  I tossed the intriguing idea around in my mind.  I had the space for it in my backyard.  Then … Continue reading

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The Lost Columbine

There is a hill garden on my property; it runs along the road.  This spring will be the first time I’ve really “gotten to it” and analyzed what’s there. It’s almost sunrise, or the gardening hours.  Tomorrow, I’ll take a … Continue reading

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The Wizard

Last Friday, I wrote about a recent David Brooks’ New York Times piece.  The article was part confession; the author admitted he’d grown out of touch with the average Joe and his neighbors.  Mr. Brooks outlined his plan to better … Continue reading

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