We Don’t Always Go to Market Basket

For kicks, we sometimes go to Whole Foods.  Each time we’ve gone, I’ve looked fondly at the $8.99 per pound “hot bar.”  I’d never given in to it until recently.

Whole Foods  “I didn’t think tofu could be that tough,” said Handy.

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3 Responses to We Don’t Always Go to Market Basket

  1. Jim says:

    I’m not a fan of Whole Foods. Something about the crowd that shops there, I think. My Ford Taurus sedan feels out of place in a sea of Prius-drivers with “Feel the Bern” and “Coexist” bumper stickers. Meanwhile, this crowd power shops with scowling faces, filling their shopping cart with over-priced organic lettuce trucked from the left coast.

    Here’s hoping that Market Basket opens another store a bit closer to home, like in “precious” Portland.

    • It’s funny you mention “scowling faces.” I commented to Handy as we were leaving “why aren’t the shoppers happier at Whole Foods? They’re the most economically privileged consumers in Portland and they seem so angry.” I think, perhaps, it’s the tough tofu.

      It’s hard for me to dislike Whole Foods completely, though. Founder and co-CEO John Mackey is a professed libertarian, espousing thoughtful ideas on markets, super and free.

  2. Mary Conant says:

    Julie-Ann, I also love Whole Foods. I think the best one I’ve been to is in Columbus, Ohio. I spent much time there a few years ago. They have a gourmet restaurant type bar where you can order off a limited menu and have a glass of wine or beer with your meal. On Friday evenings they sponsor a “Five at Five for Five”. Which features 5 wine tastings, appetizers around the store, you get a real “wine glass” for the wine tastings. They charge $5. and it’s worth it. I enjoyed it immensely as did many others as the place was busy. Never took any of the tofu there but I have had it and sometimes it’s good, sometimes, not so much.

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