Kung Pao Monday

I hate it when Monday morning rolls around and my old computer won’t cooperate with me.  I know, I know…I have the equivalent of the NASA Apollo program in the palm of my hand, but I’m still writing blog posts using a dying Toshiba netbook.

Writers write the way they write.  Me, I can’t write by talking into my Apollo 13 rocket phone.  Maybe someday, but I’m not in that groove yet.  And now, the hour for writing has come and gone in fits and starts and here I am, scribbling my draft (GASP!) with pen and paper.  The sun rises over my hill garden and the completion of that project is so close I can almost feel it.

Readers, I’m going to love you and leave you this morning.  I know it’s been a sparse diet of posts lately.

Kung Pao Garden
Handy made Kung Pao chicken last night.  It was delicious and maybe it will hold you over until I’m back in my writing groove.

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  1. Slippah Sistah says:

    What was it? A picture is worth a thousand words! That leaves you with 500 left over for next time:)

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