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Counting Candles

Handy’s father, Marcel, turns 98 today.  We celebrated his birthday yesterday; five of Handy’s six siblings were there.  (His youngest brother lives in California and couldn’t make it.) Marcel was born just after the first world war ended, he joined … Continue reading

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Maybe it was the Pie

On a typical Wednesday in Lisbon Falls, if there were still party lines, you might overhear this conversation: “Hi, Mom, what are you doing?” “I’m making your birthday cake.” “Oh, good!” There’s an awkward pause and then I say, “Do … Continue reading

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Something Suddenly Came Up

It’s a sorry excuse to use the old “Marcia Brady,” but something suddenly came up. It’s Reggie Black’s birthday, today, though.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish him a very happy birthday! Happy Birthday, Reggie!

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No Writing Errors Found

There are two automated reminders I love to see when I’m working on my blog.  One sometimes pops up after I’ve run my content through the WordPress spell check; it says “No Writing Errors Found.” The other is a little … Continue reading

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Lee Annie’s Birthday!

Remember Lee Annie and her appendix?  She missed a few weeks of work, but she’s all better now (phew!) and we celebrated her birthday yesterday.   Birthdays are fun at the Big Corporation. (Tiny Little Cake Courtesy of The Beach … Continue reading

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