Something Suddenly Came Up

It’s a sorry excuse to use the old “Marcia Brady,” but something suddenly came up.

My Life as a Heart

It’s Reggie Black’s birthday, today, though.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish him a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Reggie!

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9 Responses to Something Suddenly Came Up

  1. Cherie Ripperton says:

    Happy Birthday RB! Enjoy your day. Maine and New Hampshire ❤ RB!!

  2. jbomb62 says:

    Happy Birthday, Reggie! What? No guest post on I hope you have a great one!

  3. The Patient Researcher says:

    Marcia is asked out by school hunk Doug Simpson (Nicholas Hammond) so breaks her date with Charley (Stuart Getz), the nice but unspectacular son of a wallpaper salesman, using the excuse “something suddenly came up”. When Peter’s wildly thrown football hits Marcia’s nose causing it to swell and bruise (“Oh, my nose!”), Doug breaks their date with the excuse “something suddenly came up”. When Marcia’s nose quickly heals, Doug asks her out again. Marcia rejects him, admits to Charley what she did, and goes on the date with him. Marcia reveals that during the date Doug showed up and, after some teasing, fights with Charley, resulting in a swollen nose for Doug. Mike and Carol redecorate and can’t decide on a wallpaper pattern for their bedroom in the subplot.

  4. gwynsmum says:

    Wishing RB a very happy birthday and an upcoming year filled with happiness and prosperity!!!

  5. Sir Reggie Black, Heir of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Kurfürst, Ard Tiarna says:

    Many happy returns to Cherie, Jim, Hilda, gwynsmum, and all the other denizens of the Julie Ann Baumer Experience, and especially, Julie.

  6. Jaxson says:

    Happy birthday Reggie! And I wish you many more.

  7. Sir Reggie Black, Heir of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Kurfürst, Ard Tiarna says:

    Why, thank you, Jaxson, and many happy returns to you, too.

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