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He’s Gandhi

In my August 18, 2016 blog post, I wrote “I’ve cast a disdainful eye on television in the years I’ve been blogging.  I referred to it as ‘Tee Vee’ and taken a position that “it’s like a termite chewing through … Continue reading

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We Love Them

My dear philosopher friend “At Your Service” and I have been having a long conversation.  It started when he asked me why people hated the New England Patriots.  I didn’t know how to answer him.  After all, the successful football … Continue reading

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Ignore the Noise

Author and sports writer Mike Shalin wrote an interesting article about the New England Patriots recently.  The Lewiston Sun Journal carried it in the sports section today with the screaming headline “PATS IGNORING NOISE.” Once again, at this late date … Continue reading

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The Drapery Date

This morning’s post will be jotted quickly.  There’s a lot going on here at the house.  Yep, I’m digging around, looking for my Patriot’s pink hat, getting ready to jump on this year’s Super Bowl bandwagon.  My radio blares those … Continue reading

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Passive Voices

As a writer, I struggle with the “passive voice.” Recollect, a transitive verb means “action” between a subject and an object. “Clapton shot the sheriff.” Clapton is the subject, the sheriff is the object.  “Shot” is the “action.”  The sentence … Continue reading

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My father takes notes. He writes them on the back of recycled envelopes. This one was from last week. Here we go, Patriots, here we go!

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Trying to Get the Football Feeling

My friend Slim’s family has Patriots’ season tickets.  She must know I’ve been in a sports funk lately because she offered me the tickets for tonight’s pre-season game. I’m going with Gwynsmum. This might be just what I need to … Continue reading

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Heroes, Idols, and Worshipped Things

It’s a sad day here in New England.  One of the teams we worship, the New England Patriots, came up short last night in a football game.  I listened on the radio; I didn’t care for the national broadcasters.  I … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

I was making a pot of the easiest lentil soup ever last Friday night.  I followed my own instructions, plugged in my slow cooker, and turned it on the low heat setting.  Nothing happened, which is normal for a Crock-Pot … Continue reading

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In My Own Backyard

I went to a production of “The Wizard of Oz” last night at my high school. The students did a good job; it was a production complicated by many scene changes and a large cast. My ears perked up like … Continue reading

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