My father takes notes. He writes them on the back of recycled envelopes. This one was from last week.

Here we go, Patriots, here we go!

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4 Responses to Buffalo

  1. gwynsmum says:

    Please Tom, throw 8 touchdown passes today!!! Practically gagged all the rest of this week having to listen about Peyton…..let’s go Pats!

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    For most of the game it looked like Tebow made the team after all.

    Goodness knows what McDaniels was thinking out there. Not a single completed pass to a tight end? And what happened to the offensive line?

    Still, they are the youngest team in the NFL. They will get better.

  3. gwynsmum says:

    LP. It was one of the most painful regular season games I have ever watched them play. During the last field goal I cowered on the couch covering my eyes and asking my 4 year old “if the ball went through the middle of the tall yellow thingies on tv?” I couldn’t bear to watch it. Let’s hope it gets better from here! Jets tomorrow night, going to be tough I think!

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