The Redemption Garden

I started work on a new “secret garden” yesterday.

I’m going to give up my other secret garden.  I haven’t written about this “other” secret garden as I promised I would; I will.  When I pick the last Riesentraube tomato, I will find some witty way to write about that particular square of dirt.  It just won’t be today.

Cool your jets.

As a writer, words are always rushing around in my head, looking for other words to align with into perfect sentences and paragraphs.  Sometimes, one or two words will fight for my attention and say “use us at titles for a blog post.”  I could have called this garden the “Hub Cap Garden” because of the fine quality “plas-teek” Honda hub cap which was sitting in it.  Unfortunately, if I called it the “Hub Cap Garden” it might imply that I was interested in growing or collecting plas-teek hub caps and I am not.

After weeding, I took a spin up the road to buy some bagged compost, thinking about words to describe this new garden.  I passed a “Redemption Center.”  Maine has a “Bottle Bill” and so Maine has “Redemption Centers” where people can bring their cans and bottle and redeem them for cash money.

When I looked up the word “redeem” in my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (which is actually not new and redeemed from a roadside dumpster) there are actually six different explanations for the word.  The word is also used many times in the Bible; my exhaustive concordance states the word “redeem” and its derivatives is used 162 times.

Here are a few of the definitions I like:

  • To free from what distresses or harms
  • To change for the better, reform, repair, restore
  • To make good, worthwhile

The definition of “redemption” is “the act, process, or an instance of redeeming.”

I think I’m going to call this little work in progress my “Redemption Garden.”

(Yes, I am wiping a little tear from the corner of my eye.)

What do you think?

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