In the Toilet

I sat down with my “netbook” last night and zipped around the ‘netz to see what I had missed this weekend.  It wasn’t as if I tried to stay away from social media, texting, and portable e-mails.  I had a lot of things to do.

The first sentence of a blog article said “unless you’re living in a cave near the Khyber Pass, you will have heard of this story…”  The story was about a handsome felon whose mug shot got over 33,000 “likes” on a police department’s Facebook page.  Me?  I had not heard of this news story.  It’s not my cup of coffee, I guess, and when I hear a number like 33,000 I think “that’s about how many soldiers we have in Iraq…when are they coming home?”

I’m a retrograde kind of woman, teetering on the edge of a cave-like existence on days when I don’t look at my phone or computer.  I had a good weekend, though, in spite of my lack of technology and information.  Here’s a few of the things that happened:

Slipper Sistah and I climbed up on my parents’ roof and swept it off.  My friend Samantha Van Hopper stopped by my house and helped me weed one of my flower gardens.  While we were visiting, my sister-in-law stopped by for a tour of the house.  I had dinner with my friend, At Your Service.  I got a good night’s sleep, I think.  I cleaned my garage.  Uncle Bob stopped by to take a look at my lawn mower and laugh at me for planting cucumbers and melons “a little late.”  I went to the Dairy Maid twice.  I had a headache.

OH! I finally took this picture!

In the ToiletSomeone bought Margaret’s house and they’re doing renovations.  Yep, there is beauty everywhere, even in the toilet.

When I think about my weekend and all the “real” people I saw, talked to, and enjoyed spending time with, I can’t help but think living in a cave near the Khyber Pass is a good thing.  Jesus said the rain falls on the just and the unjust, so it’s possible and likely that a criminal could be strikingly handsome, charming even.  That the world is all “a twitter” about it is unfortunate and absurd; crap, I’ve wasted my time and yours talking about it.

I can’t reach a conclusion about internet trending criminals, but it’s a beautiful day here in Maine.  Live an authentic life today, whether it goes “viral” or not.

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Yeah, but didn’t he give you a tingle?

    After all, he killed feminism.

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