Labor Day Watermelons

Although I have belonged to many clubs and organizations, I have never belonged to a labor union.  Being an “employee at will” versus being represented by “collective bargaining” has probably defined my thoughts about work.  My father belonged to the International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers when he worked in the paper mills, but his membership did not define him.

He always worked on Labor Day and I am my father’s daughter

Today, I’ll be picking tomatoes, kale, and peppers.  The tomato plants are giving up the ghost and it’s time to pull them out.  Some of my sunflower stalks need to be pulled out because they’ve gone by too.

I finished the “melon harvest” yesterday.

This was one of two watermelons I harvested.  It was a small harvest, but refreshing and delicious.  It was worth the effort and I learned something new.

My father carried the water for these plants all summer long.  I didn’t check his collective bargaining agreement, but I think we’re cool.

I don’t define myself by man-made holidays and seasons; I’m grateful to have a job, a garden, and more volunteer projects than I can handle.  All the dreams I dream for the future involve work.  The only lawn chair I dream about is the one in my back yard at home.  Work is good for the body, mind, and spirit; I’m going to do it while I can.

Let’s Go…and work.

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