Forever 12 – The Big Time Rush

Cherie Ripperton texted me from the Big Time Rush concert in Manchester, New Hampshire last night. She herself is not a fan, but her 12-year-old daughter is; when you’re a concerned parent, you go to boy band concerts. She seemed to be having a good time, although she forgot her ear plugs.

Ah, to be 12 year’s old again.

(Photo of a photo, courtesy of Faye Brown, at The Barber Shop. Left to right, Betty Cunningham, Little Joolie Baumer, unknown, Lynne Brown, Lynn Van Cour.)

That’s me, brushing a strand of hair off my forehead and riding the Faye’s Clippers float in a parade. Riding on a float is like being at a concert; the float is the stage, especially when you’re 12. There was lots of excitement and adoring fans. I hope I waved to people, even though I didn’t know the pageant wave. In the corner of Faye’s Barber Shop, over the left hand side of the door, I will be forever 12.

If I was 12, then in must have been 1976. Lots of good things happened in 1976.

Since I’m not 12 anymore, going to Webber’s Ice Cream was the Big Time Rush of my Saturday night. I even met Mrs. Webber and told her I had written about her business more than once. She was friendly and condescended to answer a few of my questions. The best thing I learned was that Webber’s Ice Cream isn’t closing yet. They’ll stay open until October, which means I can swing by on my way home from the Common Ground Country Fair at the end of September!

Just thinking about it makes me feel like a 12-year-old on a parade float. Or an ice cream float!

As Jay might say, “Bring it!”

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