Little Notes and Memos

I got the memo this weekend, the one I’ve been dreading since my birthday last month.

“The motel will be closed for a few weekends.”

When I get this memo, it’s a sad reminder that I’m currently living at The Coop (the chicken coop-sized condo in Hampton, New Hampshire) and not in my home of Lisbon Falls, Maine.  Combine this reminder with the end of my tomatoes, my drooping sunflowers, and Uncle Bob mowing the lawn like it’s the last time ever and it makes for a long drive south.  In spite of leaving earlier than normal, Labor Day traffic exiting Maine slowed to a bumper-to-bumper 10 mile per hour crawl at mile 14 in Ogunquit.  It was a long, slow ride.

I made it to The Coop and the usual suspects were at the See Mint pond, soaking up the late day sun and laughing.  I thought I was going to cry; it was more than I could handle.

Then something lovely happened.

I went to the mail box and I had a letter.  It was from one of my friends from church; she reads my blog and every once in a while she will send me a note to tell me about her garden or some remembrance related to a post I have written.  It means a lot to me to get such “fan mail,” especially when it comes from the heart of a friend.

Janet wrote to tell me she liked my post about The Redemption Garden and then she wrote “I saw this refrigerator magnet at a second-hand shop and thought of you.”  Included in the envelope was a magnet that said “Moxie Makes Mainers Mighty.”

I did cry more than a little bit when I held that magnet in my hand.  Then, I pulled myself together and got about my business of unloading the car and putting things away.  I finished the mailing for my 30th Class Reunion and did lots of other things.

I finished work on The Redemption Garden on Sunday.  Chrysanthemums are an easy “Phase One” for fall.

Once those flowers start to open up, it’s going to be beautiful.  It’s right next to The Moxie Store on Main Street in Lisbon Falls, behind the park bench.

I know I can’t save the world; I can only redeem whatever pieces I’ve been given.  Thank you, Janet, for sending me a little note which encouraged me to keep going.

It was just in time.

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