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A Cow Called Moxie

At the Topsham Fair last week… As it should be.

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The Year of Moxie Quinoa

Sometimes when I’m out in the world, promoting Moxie soda, a ornery person will confront me with claims that soda is unhealthy.  What is the best way to respond to something like that?  Tell them to stop being a hater?  … Continue reading

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Your Friday Moxie Snack

After I made Maureen’s Moxie Crinkle Cookies, I was on a sugar high.  I needed another fix.  I started sorting through last year’s recipes to find one of my own personal favorites, Leanne Pinkham’s “Peanut Butter Caramel Moxie Ice Cream … Continue reading

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The Empty Barn

Uncle Bob finally took his tractor to its summer location. The rain stopped and the heat arrived. This means Uncle Bob is mowing and it’s Moxie season. No rest for Baumers!

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It’s a Sign

One of my friends from Portland, Hilda Taylor, is passionate about helping cats.  When I first met her in the early 1980’s, she had just begun her involvement with an urban feral feline rescue and awareness organization.  You can read … Continue reading

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When it’s Thursday on Wednesday

Midweek Moxie Festival meetings can throw my blogging schedule upside down. Like a can tossed from a speeding interstate automobile, I’m going to rock and roll with it.

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Winter Nerve Food

January can be a long, dark, and damp month.  Nerves are frayed from being cold and inside.  Nerve food is needed. Work on this year’s Moxie Festival theme begins this week.  I’m going to rest today to get ready for … Continue reading

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Little Notes and Memos

I got the memo this weekend, the one I’ve been dreading since my birthday last month. “The motel will be closed for a few weekends.” When I get this memo, it’s a sad reminder that I’m currently living at The … Continue reading

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Monday Main Street Challenge

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you now know quite a bit about Lisbon Falls, Maine and Moxie soda.  It’s Monday and I’m not sure I’ve still got Moxie; I’m tired on every level.  I talked to … Continue reading

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Deliberate Kindness

I have long been troubled by a bumper sticker which says “Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.”  I’m sure someone will stop by and explain it to me.  Maybe there is a book I can read … Continue reading

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