It’s a Sign

One of my friends from Portland, Hilda Taylor, is passionate about helping cats.  When I first met her in the early 1980’s, she had just begun her involvement with an urban feral feline rescue and awareness organization.  You can read a little bit about her here.

Recently, someone stole the empty cans she’s been collecting for the Bayside Cat Fund, an organization that helps rescue and neuter stray cats.  She was rightly angry and she posted a sign at her house warning future thieves.  I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit when I pulled into her driveway and read these words:

The…bag of bottles you stole is for our Bayside Cat Fund to help rescue, spay & neuter strays.  We also provide food & litter for owners in need.


Certain shocking indignities require a sign with four exclamation points.

Hilda Taylor has Moxie.

Back home this week, the Moxie sign went up over Route 196 in Lisbon Falls, Maine.

There’s a new sign, too.  It’s for the Moxie Recipe Contest and I’ve changed my blog banner to include this new Moxie Festival sign.  It’s not as passionate as Hilda’s four exclamation point sign, but it did bring a little tear to the corner of my eye.  The Moxie Festival is less than thirty days away and it’s a sign that I need to turn my Tom Brady laser-like focus towards the recipe contest.  I might even need to do a little Tebowing, too, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

From now until July 12, 2013, I’m waving it for the Moxie Recipe Contest.

It’s a sign.

The Moxie Recipe Contest takes place on Friday, July 12, 2013 at Chummy’s Midtown Diner on Route 196 in Lisbon Falls.  For more information about the judges, the prizes, and the rules, click here.

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2 Responses to It’s a Sign

  1. Hilda Taylor says:

    Thanks, JAB. You give me too much credit! I’ve scaled back my rescue efforts over the years (having ended up with 16 cats here in the process) and am now limited to just trying to take care of my own 3 or 4 block neighborhood (only one of the 16 has come to live here as a result). I have help from several other cat ladies in the ‘hood and we’re all members of the Bayside Neighborhood Association. We’ve neutered several strays and found them new homes and have delivered many more to the Animal Refuge League (with a donation from our fund). Ask me about my memory garden the next time you stop by……

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