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If We’re Not Friends

Not all my blog readers are my friends on Facebook and that’s a shame. Not everyone knows how happy and content I am today. My heart is really full right now. I love you, hometown.

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The Moxie Meltdown

It might have been because I’d been working in the hot garden all morning.  Maybe it was because I’d been looking at old family pictures with my cousins and remembering people and places that didn’t exist anymore.  It could have … Continue reading

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My Moxie Pocketbook

With the Moxie Festival and the Moxie Recipe Contest less than three weeks away, I’ve been thinking about past events and projects I’ve planned and completed.  I’ve got three stories to tell this week about different elements of the Moxie … Continue reading

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It’s a Sign

One of my friends from Portland, Hilda Taylor, is passionate about helping cats.  When I first met her in the early 1980’s, she had just begun her involvement with an urban feral feline rescue and awareness organization.  You can read … Continue reading

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When it’s Thursday on Wednesday

Midweek Moxie Festival meetings can throw my blogging schedule upside down. Like a can tossed from a speeding interstate automobile, I’m going to rock and roll with it.

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Winter Nerve Food

January can be a long, dark, and damp month.  Nerves are frayed from being cold and inside.  Nerve food is needed. Work on this year’s Moxie Festival theme begins this week.  I’m going to rest today to get ready for … Continue reading

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Just Chillin’

The Moxie Festival is winding down; today will be the Car Show and the Chief Worumbo Androscoggin River Race.  I’ve paddled in the canoe race three times; twice with my Dad and once with my best friend from high school.  … Continue reading

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The Long Road Home

This is the long road home. I’ve only been stopped once on this road, in a Pontiac Fiero.  I’ll save that story for another day, maybe some long wintry one. For everyone who reads this little blog, thanks for riding … Continue reading

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The Moxie Feud

Sometimes, a blog post takes a long time to write.  Most of the writing for this post, for instance, has been in my head for several months although only a few phrases had made their way into my “Reporter’s Notebook.”  … Continue reading

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The Moxie Book Sale

Things don’t get much better on a summer Sunday afternoon than relaxing on a “chaise lounge” with a good book.  I think “chaise lounge” is French for “rest and relaxation.” It’s easy to set up the chair or chaise lounge … Continue reading

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