The Long Road Home

This is the long road home.

I’ve only been stopped once on this road, in a Pontiac Fiero.  I’ll save that story for another day, maybe some long wintry one.

For everyone who reads this little blog, thanks for riding shotgun with me on the long road home.  I’m glad you are here; let’s keep working.

For everyone planning to attend the Moxie Festival this weekend, the weather’s looking hot and humid.  This is going to be one hot road.

Drink Moxie!

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2 Responses to The Long Road Home

  1. SK says:

    Was it a fire engine red Fiero? ; ).

    • Sadly, no. The Pontiac Fiero was a dull silver color. It was pretty good in the snow, if you can believe it. If it did get stuck, it was so light I could almost push it out of a snow bank myself. I traded it in for a fire engine red Ford Mustang GT. Ah…car culture! Thanks for asking, SK. Drink Moxie!

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