Monday Main Street Challenge

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you now know quite a bit about Lisbon Falls, Maine and Moxie soda.  It’s Monday and I’m not sure I’ve still got Moxie; I’m tired on every level.  I talked to a lot of people from home and every once in a while, I managed to sneak in a question about why they still lived in Lisbon Falls or thereabouts.  A few tears snuck out when I told Faye how hard it is to drive back to The Coop after three days in a place where everyone knows my name.

I’ve been thinking about this picture.

Small towns usually have a Main Street.  In Brunswick, Maine, they spell it “Maine Street.”  It might also be called some other term, like “Market Street” signifying it as a place where folks gather to “market” or participate in local commerce.  Before cars, strip malls, and suburbs, Main Street was a place to which a person might walk and do some business.

When I was growing up, our Main Street was somewhat vibrant, although the exodus out of the downtown area had begun with the building of the Mid-Town Shopping Center.  It was a “strip mall.”  There are good sidewalks in Lisbon Falls, though.  A person who likes to walk could easily walk from Main Street to the Mid-Town Shopping Center.

Thousands of people have written about the death of small towns, the death of community, and community building.  I don’t have any new ideas about community building.  I’d like to see my own little Main Street bustle more than once a year.  Maybe people don’t care about Main Street; before I get too busy creating schemes and plans for mine, I’m curious about other Main Streets.

Is there a Main Street or its equivalent where you live?  Do you go there?  What do you do and see on your own little Main Street?  Is there a Main Street you have visited in the past that you particularly enjoyed?  What did you like about it?

Just curious…get back to me, ok?  And…thanks for caring about Main Street.

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2 Responses to Monday Main Street Challenge

  1. I just visited your Main Street last week, and plan to return. Ocean Park, Maine is a summer chautauqua. We have a Temple Avenue, rather small and summer only, but it is the hub of activity for this summer community. A few miles down the road is Saco, Maine. Main Street is the center for shopping, dining and life in general in this area. Saco has done much work to make it a warm, friendly and visually enticing place to be. It truly is the traditional idea of a Main Street. With events such as the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO we are constantly reminded of the blessings and value of community. I think the American pendulum is ever so slowly moving back in that direction!

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks for stopping by! I was just thinking about Saco yesterday when I heard a commercial for The Moving Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress at the Saco Museum. Based on your recommendation, I am going to add a visit to the museum and Ocean Park to my list of things to do this fall. Peace!

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