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All Roads Lead to Home

I rode my bicycle to Uncle Bob’s yesterday.  It took twenty-two minutes.  He was putting tools in his truck, on his way to The Farm to work on the tractor-hauling trailer.  I got a little nervous and asked if he … Continue reading

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Good Garlic Days

In my line of work, I have to make conversation.  Often, the chit-chat begins with someone telling me “well, I’ve had good days and bad days.”  I never use that response, although I might use “Comme si, comme sa.” Saturday … Continue reading

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It Takes a Tractor

Since February, 2011, my brother and I have been having a dialogue about what a resilient community might look like.  It all started when my brother asked me “Have you ever read The Town That Food Saved?”  My brother, a … Continue reading

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The Empty Barn

Uncle Bob finally took his tractor to its summer location. The rain stopped and the heat arrived. This means Uncle Bob is mowing and it’s Moxie season. No rest for Baumers!

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Hay, Hay, Hay…Hey!

The route I traveled Wednesday stretched from my own little town up to Augusta, over to the Waterville area, down through Unity, back to Augusta and then home. It was all hay, all day. All across Central Maine, the slow-moving … Continue reading

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Tractor Safety

I’ve just finished my second day at the Maine Compost School.  I’ve learned a lot of things; most of them far beyond the scope of building a pile of vegetable scraps and leaves in the back yard.  Compost is a … Continue reading

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