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It Takes a Tractor

Since February, 2011, my brother and I have been having a dialogue about what a resilient community might look like.  It all started when my brother asked me “Have you ever read The Town That Food Saved?”  My brother, a … Continue reading

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Winning One for the Farmer

My father, Herman the German, loves football.  He likes the NFL, college football, and once in a while, he’ll even go to a high school football game.  A football letterman himself, he enjoys monopolizing the Tee Vee in the winter, … Continue reading

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Santa’s Free Ride

Ever since we’ve had a “Gazebo” in the middle of town, we’ve had a “tree lighting.”  The Lisbon Falls Baptist Church sings Christmas carols and serves hot chocolate and cookies; when everyone has sung through all the songs they know, … Continue reading

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Helen and the CSA

I have written about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) more than once on this blog.  It’s Friday; it’s been a long week and for folks with tired eyes, Community Sponsored Agriculture is a different model of food delivery with fewer hand-offs. … Continue reading

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Crazy For Carrots

I love local food.  Some people might call me a locavore.  I’m not a member of the slow food movement per se, but I think smaller and closer is better when it comes to the foods I eat.  I try … Continue reading

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