Hay, Hay, Hay…Hey!

The route I traveled Wednesday stretched from my own little town up to Augusta, over to the Waterville area, down through Unity, back to Augusta and then home.

It was all hay, all day.

All across Central Maine, the slow-moving tractors swayed across the fields.  Some were cutting; others were baling.

Wednesday was a great day for hay.

It was beautiful.

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1 Response to Hay, Hay, Hay…Hey!

  1. jimbaumer says:

    I worked with a farmer a few years ago. He told me that haying requires several warm, dry days in order to cut, let the hay lie, and then gather and bale, or roll the hay. Obviously, this week has been good haying weather. I’m always conscious of haying season as summer arrives.

    Charlie Smith used to hire high school kids to hay when we were in high school. I hayed one year. It’s damn hard work.

    Happy hay season!

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