The New England Snow Coma

I woke up this morning to a bit of the white stuff on The Jeep.  It’s on the roads, too.  A late winter storm it is and I’m not going to make too much out of it.  I’m going to work from home.  My first batch of tomato seedlings, having all germinated, are oblivious to the winter weather shenanigans.

So am I.

Every time we have a “late winter storm” I think back to an April Fools Storm we had when I was in junior high school.  My brother was supposed to have baseball practice, but it was cancelled.  That’s all I can remember about it.  No one freaked out; we just loaded our books into our duffel bags and walked home.  It didn’t freak the baseball team out, either.  They ended up having a winning season.

Don’t freak out today.

Time spent worrying about the weather robs people of moxie and as my mother likes to remind me, “time marches on.”

Just like that, “Seniors 80” takes on a whole new meaning and what value did worrying about snow and wind add to the picture?

Live the New England Snow Coma!

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4 Responses to The New England Snow Coma

  1. jbomb62 says:

    Not to be all, “back when I was in high school…,” but your post today resonates. Maybe my lifelong aversion to the “snow coma” and people freaking out and wanting to cancel meetings goes back to learning that snow was snow and it’s not worth getting all sideways about it. It snows in Maine; always has. Life must go on. My LHS colleagues rolled with it. Love the photo, btw! Man, look at all that hair! The camera on Reggie is priceless.

    People that work with me need to get used to knowing that the JBE rolls with the snow; JBE1 rolls through it. Easier said than done. Trying to ensure that I had a working plan B for my trek northward involved numerous phone calls and emails. I’m now ready for my five-hour journey to Maine’s northern reaches on Wednesday/Thursday. Productivity reigns!

    If you can’t work through the snow, how the heck can you get any work done from December through March? As a free agent, I can’t take a quarter of my year off. Of course, when you have “snow days,” and “personal days” and all manner of productivity-robbing excuses for not working, is it any wonder why our corporate empires are crumbling?

    • Jim,
      I’m glad you liked the photo! I contemplated a cross-country theme, with you, Reggie, and a few others struggling through some arduous trail run, but liked this one better. Roll on, my brother!

  2. RB says:

    Reggie Black is not amused.

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