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Don’t Get Funny with Me

My father, Herman the German, is a funny guy.  He might have been the “class clown” in addition to being the “Carnival King of 1951.”  He jokes around a lot and sometimes I think he uses humor as a foil … Continue reading

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The Team of Troublemakers

Herman the German (my father) and Uncle Bob (his brother) have an interesting relationship.  My father is four years older; Uncle Bob is “the baby.”  My grandparents kept a cow until “the baby” went to high school and I can … Continue reading

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World Renowned

The Town of Lisbon is holding a public hearing this evening regarding the fate of the remaining Worumbo mill structure.  I can’t think about it right now, because that old building has been a sentry over my little town all … Continue reading

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Redeem the Time

A punishing stretch of heat and humidity has hit New England; it’s perfectly Floridian.  Here at The Coop, so close to the Atlantic Ocean, everything is stinky and sticky.  The sea provides a bit of cool air, but a fan … Continue reading

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