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Putting My Mind to It

When my brother and I were growing up, our mother often used different teaching maxims to shape our young minds. “Haste makes waste.” “Too much togetherness breeds contempt.” “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” “Herman, you BLEEP!” Oh, wait… One of … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned!

I’m in a slow-moving turkey coma today.  My regularly scheduled “Friday Pillow Talk” installment is only half-written and I’m late for the office.  Let’s meet here at some point this weekend and I’ll tell you how winter storm Cato brought … Continue reading

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The Best Advice

Every few weeks, I get an e-mail update from my farm share.  Annalisa Miller sends out a status of things at the farm and any news which might be of interest to farm share participants.  She always closes her note … Continue reading

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A Story about Seeds

After two successful years growing garlic and tomatoes in Uncle Bob’s garden, some of the people in my life started thinking I was a gardening expert, or the Julia Child of gardening. Sometimes they requested certain crops to be grown; … Continue reading

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