Code Word: La Lampe de Table

Sometimes, when the cares of the day and my first world problems overwhelm me, I think about table lamps and lighting fixtures.  “La lampe de table” is my own personal code word for “the world is too much with me, pass me a chocolate, quick!”

It began with vintage Murano glass lamps at Swank Lighting.  At prices like $3,500 per pair, I knew these beautiful handcrafted lamps were out of my league.  The prices for new Murano glass table lamps were hauntingly similar and still…out of my league.

With a heavy sigh, I would click over to Neenas or Wolfers and see if there was anything lovely and lighter on the wallet.

When I’d be out running errands, I might scan yard sales, flea markets, and antique shops, but la lampe de table has eluded me.

Until yesterday.

La LampeImitation is allegedly the sincerest form of flattery.  Let there be light.

(Gorgeous funky peach lamp, courtesy of Cherished Possessions, 85 Cottage Road, South Portland, Maine.  $25)

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3 Responses to Code Word: La Lampe de Table

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Oh, my, polish till it shines!

  2. FAYE Brown says:

    ” the world is too much with us… late and soon we lay waste our powers, ’til little we see in Nature that is ours” one of my favorite poems to live by… Thank God and Bob and your Dad for the farm- it always heals my soul to be out there.

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