A Chunk of the Moon

Due to Sunday’s rain, the Moxie Car Show was postponed to August 14.  Fortunately, Friday’s fireworks were wonderful; my brother and sister-in-law came over and we watched them right from the backyard of my house.  After the fireworks, we started a new Moxie tradition, called “Twas the Night Before Moxie” with my brother giving a dramatic reading from some interesting Moxie media we found.

Saturday’s festivities launched successfully in spite of the intermittent showers and a few shenanigans from the usual suspects.  But that’s a story that will have to wait until another day, when the events are further distant in the rearview mirror.  For now, I declare the Moxie Festival a success, all things considered.  Congratulations to my dear friend Gina Crafts Mason for another wonderful parade, with some of the best parade floats I’ve seen in a while.  And kudos to the local businesses and civic organizations who showed up to support the festival by building floats and marching along, too.

Sunday’s rain cleared out after dark and there was a dimly visible chunk of the moon in the sky.

The weather looks pleasant for today’s opening of the Lisbon/Durham bridge at 1:00 p.m.  Mr. Walter Parker, 94, will be the first person to cross the new structure; he and his brother were the first residents to cross the old bridge back in 1936.  The two of them slipped in behind the dignitary car in their Model A Ford.  I wonder if Mr. Parker ever considered that he would outlast the old bridge?   He’ll be riding over in a classic car today, but I’m not sure of its vintage.

In the garden, the rain has been a wonderful gift.  This week’s sun will keep things growing exponentially, like these scarlet runner beans.

Runner Beans

It’s time to get a move on here and get an early start on the day so I can run out to the bridge festivities this afternoon.

Small town life…

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