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Today and Tomorrow and the Next Day

When Uncle Bob had his lumberjack accident, I couldn’t wait to see him.  First, I wanted to make sure he was okay, but then I wanted to scold him and tell him to “knock it off” and stop taking chances … Continue reading

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We’re Cool

The last of the full moon is peaking through the clouds.  I can hear the sea roaring here at The Coop, which is 200 farm girl paces from the ocean.  I don’t always hear the sounds of the sea; in … Continue reading

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The Cure for Fear

The weather puppets have been screeching for a few days now about Hurricane Sandy. There was a news truck parked at North Hampton Beach State Park last night; it’s probably a good backdrop for a news puppet, with the wind … Continue reading

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Hunter Moon Hurricane

October is almost over.  Was there a full moon last night?  If there was, it’s known as a “Hunter’s Moon” or a “Harvest Moon.” For some strange reason, I woke up this morning thinking of one of my farmer friends.  … Continue reading

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