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A Few More Sacred Flowers

Time is running out for beautiful flowers here in New England. A different beauty will replace this. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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The Memorial Day Blues

The weather forecast is sketchy here in New England this weekend and some of my Facebook friends are not happy. “The weather forecast is depressing.” “I’m seriously struggling with wardrobe decisions for Saturday and Sunday.” Sigh… I have mixed emotions … Continue reading

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I am Five

Each morning this week, my alarm has gone off at the usual time and I’ve hit the snooze button, over and over and over. This week has been exhausting, living in this movie. I had a writing project to deliver … Continue reading

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The Soldier

When she was in her 70’s, my father’s mother, my Nana, had a heart attack.  After this happened, it became harder for her to climb stairs and do housework.  Most of the grandchildren took turns “helping Nana” with various chores … Continue reading

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Hiding in Sunday

Sometimes, people need to hide and disconnect.  It’s certainly not a new thing to be weary of the world.  William Wordsworth wrote a sonnet on such a theme 210 years ago, “The World is Too Much With Us.” I hid … Continue reading

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We’re Cool

The last of the full moon is peaking through the clouds.  I can hear the sea roaring here at The Coop, which is 200 farm girl paces from the ocean.  I don’t always hear the sounds of the sea; in … Continue reading

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Peace Trellis

I have never grown peas; I ate some delicious pea tendrils this spring and decided I would try to grow some.  I found instructions for making a “pea trellis” out of an old window and if you can believe it, … Continue reading

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Some Things Are Not For Sale

I got a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” e-mail from one of my vendors the other day.  Part of the note follows verbatim; with some words and phrases modified to protect the vendor (can you find the typo?): “I just wanted … Continue reading

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