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The Final Countdown

I try not to use song titles as blog titles, but I was born in 1964.  This means I was raised on rock and roll and FM radio.  Petroleum runs through my veins from all those years of cheap energy—racing … Continue reading

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Reggie’s Lunch on a Private Jet

Reggie is out of town today and probably won’t read this post until Thursday, so instead of writing about gardening like I usually do on Wednesdays, I’m going to take advantage of his absence and indulge my readers in a … Continue reading

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I am Five

Each morning this week, my alarm has gone off at the usual time and I’ve hit the snooze button, over and over and over. This week has been exhausting, living in this movie. I had a writing project to deliver … Continue reading

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Where Everyone Knows My Name

I went home last weekend.  I needed to do some work in my garden and I needed to make sure Uncle Bob was “ok.”  On Saturday morning, I loaded up the Jeep in my usual way and left The Coop … Continue reading

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A Junior League of Her Own

Today is the birthday of a person who may not want to be written about on this blog.  Some people don’t want their lives microscopically analyzed in public. I can understand that; I’ll try to stick to the facts that … Continue reading

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The Elaborate Introduction

People who are skilled at selling things know how to pitch their products quickly and effectively.  They say a lot and they say it in as few words as possible.  They rehearse their pitches and make sure to use “power” … Continue reading

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Tootsie Roll Candy

It’s ironic that I wrote about preparing for the Apocalypse yesterday because when I got to work, I had a hissing tire that was flat by the time I finished calling the auto club.  Had the “you know what” hit … Continue reading

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The Beep Beep Taxi

Last week on my way home to Maine, I saw a lot of vanity license plates.  I don’t see as many here on the New Hampshire Seacoast, but according to Wikipedia, New Hampshire has the second largest vanity plate penetration … Continue reading

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