Peace Trellis

I have never grown peas; I ate some delicious pea tendrils this spring and decided I would try to grow some.  I found instructions for making a “pea trellis” out of an old window and if you can believe it, I did have an old window here in my chicken coop-sized condo.  I was going to make a cold frame out of it, but then I bought a cold frame; that’s another story for another day.

Here’s the pea trellis I installed in the little garden at Uncle Bob’s.

My father helped me by removing the glass and stapling the chicken wire on the frame.  (Thanks, Dad!)  Naturally, I had chicken wire here at the chicken coop-sized condo.

Uncle Bob laughed at me as he is wont to do.  He thinks growing peas is foolishness because the yield is low.

I’ll share my little crop with him when they get here.  I’ve planted and watered and it’s out of our hands now.  I’ll worry about it later.

But not today.  Today, I’m going to rest.  You rest too.


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